Monday, July 13, 2009

"But in my arms she was always Lolita."

A woman and her pre-teen daughter asked for help finding a swimsuit.
"She's going to camp in a week and needs something for swimming in the lake," the woman told me. At the time we had a good selection of younger swimsuits that were basic, modest two-pieces in cute colors that would be alright for younger girls. However, when we couldn't find something to fit her the mother thanked me and said she was going to look at some basics for herself.
A few minutes later, the woman and her daughter come up to me holding a push-up bra and panty lingerie set - light blue satin, pink satin bows across the chest and tying the panties together.
"Do you think she could wear this as a swimsuit?"
Caught off guard I said it's not really meant for that, and we can't guarantee it'll hold up to chlorine.
"Oh that's alright, she's just going to be swimming in the lake."
A happy customer, they bought the set and walked out thanking me for my help.

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