Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's creepy when they use your name over and over.

Sometimes customers call whichever phone number they can find, as long as its in the same mall. At 10:00am one morning last week, I had the privilege to answer this phone call.
"Good morning, thank you for calling "----", Susan speaking how may I help you?"
"Do you know when Beefcake Chahlies opens?"
Since there's no male strip club near the property, I ask "...You mean Beefsteak Charlies?" and give her the phone number.
"Thanks Susan. You know the service there was terrible, absolutely terrible. I would not recommend them, no, not at all, I went there last night. Have you ever been there Susan?"
"Well I would not recommend it. I went there last night and the waitress, awful woman, she barely said a word to us and threw our plates at us and I got fish, and she didn't even give us lemon - I mean people get lemon with fish all the time - do you like fish, Susan?"
"Oh I'm not really into jam bands." No response. "Ah, depends on the fish?"
"Well she brings me a lemon wedge from the bar, like it was for my drink, and when she sees me use it she says 'Oh..It was for your food..' I mean where do they find these people, Susan?"

Possibly in the same place one finds people who call an underwear store to complain about a steakhouse.

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