Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Time for Love

It was the day before Valentines; traffic was high, stock and patience were low. A customer phoned in about a certain lingerie set. After finally getting a moment after ringing up dozens of demanding lovebirds, I'm sent to seek out the item in a store that's been torn up like Rip, I find the last two pieces available. When I relay this information to the man on the phone, he asks for a certain size. We don't have it.
"What do you mean we don't have it?!"
"Well it's the holiday and-"
"I've been trying to get this set at three different stores!"
"I don't know what to tell you, Sir."
"You don't know what to TELL me?? Who am I supposed to ask, my wife?!"
"YOU have a wife? I feel sorry for her."
As he started yelling for a manager, I tossed the phone in the drawer and went back to the register.

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