Friday, September 4, 2009

Interesting choices in copyrighted body art 2

Tattoos are beginning to reflect a sense of unity rather than rebellion. Various nations throughout time have used tattooing as an initiation rite, with "tribal" designs representing families, status, achievements, etc. In this manor of thinking, it is not so radical that some studies as recent as 2006 found that about one third of adults have some sort of tattoo. Many chose to mark themselves with a certain piece of art at a certain time of their life to keep a permanent reminder of that time. A first name, written in simple cursive with a birth and loss date are straightforward memorials. Some are more abstract in meaning, beautiful to the beholder but meaningful to the living canvas in a semi-private way. Yes some religions frown on marking the body, but it could be argued that it is a way of connecting with the divine by being so thankful, so moved or so changed by a G-d-given experience that it becomes a way to remind us of what our often fickle memories might lose otherwise.

And then there was this guy I used to work with who had a full color, neck-up portrait of Homer Simpson on his inner thigh.

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  1. ...This could turn into an essay in defense in identifying personally with popular icons, but in the spirit of this blog, let's just leave it at the punchline and not defend the stoners who share too much at their job.