Thursday, September 24, 2009

You Can't Always Get What You Oggle

The mall has long been a destination for teenagers to hang out and do nothing. The malls walk a fine line. They want to attract customers to spend an entire day at the mall. They offer food all over the place, they have an indoor playground for the kids. And some have put in chairs and couches so, instead of being tired and leaving, packs of shoppers can rest up and shop some more. This tactic also welcomes cash-poor teens, and honestly, who's going to tell them to leave - a mall cop on a Segway?

I was on my break, and needed a change of scenery. Even though I was inside I sacrificed the knowing that I would look like a douche bag for a sense of separation from the masses, and I wore my sunglasses indoors. I work in an impression-of-upscale retailer, and I usually dress the part.

Two had-to-be-16-year-old boys, sitting in their not-quite-Ed-Hardy T-shirts, chewing on wish-they-were-cigarette straws, slouched one of the mall-provided couches and fixed their eyes on - well let's say my - walk, turning their heads slowly to follow my ass all the way back to whence it had come.

When older people seek out the underage it is pedophilia. What's it called when younger people seek out ethical adults? Unsuccessful marketing?


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  2. I saw that you had posted on the blog The Comics Curmudgeon; if you like that blog, you might also like Pointless Planet, which is quite similar but which mocks TV ads rather than comic strips. Check it out:

  3. I allowed Toaster's comment because the blog is pretty funny. And I do love Comics Curmudgeon.