Sunday, September 13, 2009

No ladies, real or fake, were harmed in this sighting.

Before the store opened one day, several associates were helping re-organize the floor setup. One was re-dressing a life-size mannequin.

These are not as disposable as you might think. Certain stores, in an attempt to appeal to different sensibilities, spend money on specific mannequins that are different ethnicities, have unique faces, and wigs of all shades. They are also very hard and can be quite heavy and when an associate was changing the sportswear on one particular relatable-but-still-unrealistically-proportioned statuette, the ceramic 6-ft-tall woman came crashing down on her.
The other associates rushed over to make sure their co-worker was alright.

The manager, counting money from the register, yelled "Did it break? Those models are ten thousand dollars each."

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