Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eau de Parfum de Monsieur Propre

Times are hard all over, and thus so I've had to re-evaluate some of my luxuries. My mother once confessed that instead of refilling the bathroom sinks with hand soap, she uses liquid dish washing soap; it's cheaper, and the basic ingredients are the same. So in a rush to get to work and still wanting to look presentable (since I stand next to pictures of perfect women all day), I find I'm out of the good body wash, and use the pseudo-hand soap to get the job done. As I'm getting dressed I noticed that the bathroom smells like orange zest. Deciding it smells better than B.O., I scoot off to work.
Hours into my day and having already forgotten about my frugality, I approach a customer browsing lotions and perfumes to help her pick out a gift for her sister. As I'm showing her the newest re-branding, she asks,
"I'm sorry if this is weird but you smell amazing. What do you have on?"
With some quick thinking I lead her to one of the higher-end fragrances whose base just happened to be orange.

She bought the entire set including lotion, mist, perfume, and scented candle.

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