Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Le Petit Theatre

When I was young and naive I worked at a movie theater near the mall . At this particular company we wore name tags, and anyone promoted above popcorn slinger had a badge above their name indicating what level they were; assistant manager, manager, etc.
During the usual two-hours-while-the-movie-in-on downtime, the manager came to give an associate who'd been there a few years the official pin marking his status as a supervisor.
As he pinned the badge onto the associate, without missing a beat he glances over at 17-year-old-me and said frankly "Bet he'd like to pin you," before disappearing into the office, going about his business and leaving us to bask in the awkward hilarity.


  1. lol, I remember when you used to work at the movie theater :D Thats a funny memory!