Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hope in an uncertain world.

Most specialty stores, when they reach a certain age or size, branch out to other products. In the industry of image it makes sense that the-store-that-shall-not-be-named might move from underwear, shaping the inside, to makeup, shading the outside. All associates were trained in cosmetics, but only a few were good at it. These proud few were rewarded by demonstrating the product over, and over, and over until the end of days.

The associate perched by the make-up counter was approached by two woman. The younger was laughing with the older, saying that her mother needed a makeover. Her mother said she'd been putting on makeup for god knows how long, if she's doing it wrong it's too late to fix those mistakes.

The associate rolled up her sleeve and showed a rather pretty lotus tattoo she had on her forearm.

"Honey," she said to the customer, "I once had too much tequila and let my friend tattoo a smiley face on my arm, and I had it redone into something beautiful. If that mess can be fixed, so can you."

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