Monday, August 17, 2009

At least it's not on the first date.

Kids always get dragged into the mall, and they are never happy about it. They might perk up at the toy store, but the mall is definitely not geared towards children. My store might be geared towards making children, but no one wants them in the store and they don't want to be there (and if they do want to be there and they're under 12, well that's a whole other set of issues.)
This boy couldn't have been older than ten. Short, pudgy, grumpy, he followed his older sister and mother as they shopped for bras and they chattered to each other in spanish, ignoring him. Obedient but not happy about it, he followed in tow. The funny part?

His t-shirt, black with white print and no censorship, read "Fuck off, I have enough friends."

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