Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Turning Japanese, I think I'm.

Larger malls, especially near a large city, attract tourists and visitors from all over the world. An associate offered to help a Japanese business man who was considering some of the nicer gift sets for his wife. After a bit of conversation, they both figured out that American sizes were a little different than what his wife had described to him, and the associate found the reference book for size conversion. Like most of the marketing for the store, although this book was for associate use it featured models on every other page displaying the goods.
"Is that book for sale?"
"Oh, no, I'm sorry sir, it's just for reference." He asks to see it and, being helpful and knowing some read better english than they speak, the salesgirl hands it to him.
With a wink and a smile, the man slips it into his breast pocket, and walks out of the store. The sales girl is dumbfounded. "Oh, um, Sir? Sir?"
Neither the japanese man, nor the sexiest size chart on earth, were ever seen again.

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