Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I See You Baby (Shakin' That Finger).

Most large retail chains are required to follow standards on how merchandise is displayed, how associates are expected to behave, what posters and marketing can be displayed and when, and what music can be played. The store soundtrack does not get updated very often, and associates often come to memorize the tunes to such a degree that they severely lower job satisfaction. A head manager at the time, to all of the associates approval, brought in a new c.d. The style of music was similar to the approved track, but more upbeat and energizing. The entire staff was just happy to have something new.
We were able to keep this up until someone complained about one particular track, a popular neo-dance bass-centered groove lyricked entirely by it's title, "I See You Baby (Shakin' That Ass)".
The customer expressed her complaint to a manager of a store that sells thongs, garter belts, garter skirts, best-selling panties aptly named "cheekies," brazilian thongs, thigh-highs, and many other items that prominently highlight the ass and its shaking.
The customer left with a bag full of merchandise. Whether she purchased anything suitable for shaking is unknown.

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