Thursday, August 6, 2009

Not that they can't have credit cards.

Most national chains also offer a store line of credit, which is as much for sale as anything with a price tag on it. Associates are required to ask every customer they encounter, and for the brave, the pitch may be the first contact between sales person and client. Clients aren't always responsive, but if they don't dismiss you within the first sentence an associate might have a card sale.

I was friendly. I was talking about all the benefits. Two girls who looked old enough to apply were looking at me a bit oddly, but they were attentive. I thought I might be able to sign them both up and, while there is no incentive or reward for it, I would be following the guidelines of my job description to the letter.

After a full pitch speech, and still no response, I smile and ask, "Can I see if you qualify?"

One of the girls, in a speech pattern that proved her claim but would be in poor taste to even attempt to capture in print, put my perfect sales act to rest with one phrase before they both disappeared into the dressing room.

"We're deaf."

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