Sunday, August 2, 2009

He likes to watch.

When a mixed-gender group of pre-teens is in the store, it means a lot of giggles and no sales. Associates know this. Most of the time they let it go on until they move on to Hot Topic or they start messing things up.
When the latter began to happen, a male, muscly associate approached the group. He was polite, but impressive, saying simply "Knock it off." The group scattered out of the store.
Except for one boy they left behind. The 13-year-old comedian who put on a pink, lace, polka-dotted push-up bra over his polo shirt.
He looks at the associate, he watches his friends leave.
Looks at the associate again, watches his friends outside of the store.
He then tries to take off the bra that his friends help him put on. The associate just watches as it takes him two minutes to wiggle his way out of it.

When a mixed-gender group of pre-teens leaves one behind, it means a lot of giggles for the rest of us.

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